Aastha Gill: I was paranoid getting back on stage to perform in a live show

Aastha Gill: I was paranoid getting back on stage to perform in a live show

For any artiste in the world, getting back on the stage for a live performance amid the pandemic comes with a mixed bag of apprehensions and hesitations. For singer Aastha Gill, it was no different.

The DJ Waley Babu and Paani Paani singer confesses, “I was definitely paranoid and how. The entire team I worked with, they all were so protective of us, because they know the scenario. We have sanitisers on stage, we don’t (go) near a lot of people, (even maintain distance from) those who are standing close. Social distancing is maintained. There are a lot of things we need to take care of.”

The restrictions don’t end here. Gill, who had performed live with singer-rapper Badshah recently, continues, “Once we are back in the hotel, we make sure to take a shower, have hot water and kaadha. We are taking all precautionary measures that we can.”

Despite the new way of life, the singer still enjoys the entire experience. She says at least that thrill is ‘how it used to before the pandemic’.

“The high of being on a stage… it is all about showcasing my songs, presenting them to the audience. I just go all out, 100 percent, irrespective of whether I can meet or shake hands with people or not. I enjoy it the most,” says the singer, who recently crooned Bachpan Ka Pyaar, with Badshah.

She signs off on a hopeful note when she adds, “It is so good to be back on stage. It is still not the same what it was one and a half years back, but I am hoping everything gets well soon, and normal again.”

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