Aastha Gill on Bachpan ka Pyaar reel with Badshah: It was a total fluke, we were sitting randomly

Aastha Gill on Bachpan ka Pyaar reel with Badshah: It was a total fluke, we were sitting randomly

The viral song has been everywhere, and so has been the 10-year-old boy, Sahdev Dirdo who sang it. Ask singer Aastha Gill how did she come on board this quirky, whacky song with rapper Badshah, and she reveals that it was as unplanned ad random as it gets.

“Apparently, the child had sung it two years back. Badshah liked the voice of the kid, he remixed it and played it for us one day, I said, ‘It sounds dope, let’s do it!’ We were just going for a live show and five minutes before that, Badshah said let’s make an Instagram reel. It was a total fluke, we were sitting randomly,” Gill tells us, adding that “The next morning, it went viral and how and it took us all by surprise.”

And that’s what prompted them to covert it into a full-fledged song and also make a video which would feature Dirdo.

Gill says the best compliment has been people saying the song has changed that boy’s life. “I never thought I’d be closely associated with doing something like this. I knew music helps people, makes them happy, but what has happened with this child is next level. The sleep after the song released was so good. I can’t express it in words,” gushes the 30-year-old, who has crooned chartbusters such as DJ Waley Babu and Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai (Khoobsurat, 2014).

Interestingly, all her tracks so far have been party tracks. Doesn’t Gill fear being typecast and being judged for only singing similar songs? She says, “I’m already getting that feedback. I’m building up this curiosity in people’s hearts, there’s more to me, trust me there is.”

The singer asserts she just preferred to sing many of such peppy numbers because she could relate to them. “I feel the songs I work on, it’s my personality. I’m myself a very party person and that’s what attracts me to that kind of music. It’s not like I’m not working on other genres, but this is something I love doing,” she concludes.

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