Afghanistan: Talibani terrorists enter Indian consulates, take away bulletproof vehicles

The Taliban, which has captured Afghanistan, is slowly showing its true colours. Its terrorists are now inflicting atrocities on the common people as well as harming foreign diplomatic missions.

Talibani terrorists on Wednesday entered the evacuated Indian Consulates in Kandahar and Herat provinces. They went through government papers and computers there and later took the Indian vehicles parked in the consulates with them. The biggest reason for taking those vehicles with me was that most of them were bulletproof.

Sources cited by Zee news say that the Taliban took this action on the instructions of Pakistan’s ISI. Actually, ISI wants to harm Indian interests by using the Taliban as its pawn. Along with entering the Indian consulates, Taliban militants tried to gather information about Afghan soldiers by raiding nearby houses.

On Sunday, Talibani terrorists captured most parts of Afghanistan including the capital Kabul. With the Taliban attack on Kabul, most leaders, officers and military commanders, including President Ashraf Ghani, have left the country. Since then, Taliban terrorists are trying to impose their rules and regulations there.

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