Aryan Khan's Arthur Road jail inmate reveals he saw the star kid 'crying in his cell': Reports | Hindi Movie News - Bollywood - Times of India

Aryan Khan’s Arthur Road jail inmate reveals he saw the star kid ‘crying in his cell’: Reports | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood – Times of India

Shah Rukh Khan and his family have been all over the news since the past few weeks, owing to his son Aryan Khan‘s arrest in a cruise ship drugs case. Every other day, there’s a new update about Aryan Khan’s case and the people likely to be involved, among other things. The newest report that’s doing rounds on social media includes the statement of the star kid’s jail inmate. If these reports are anything to go by, the jail inmate reportedly confirmed that Aryan is not getting any special treatment inside, as reported earlier. This inmate reportedly spoke to a news channel and revealed that he even saw the 23-year-old star kid crying inside his cell. He further disclosed that Aryan has also been eating regular jail food along with biscuits. And, with the money given by his parents, he can also buy food from the canteen, if he wishes. Aryan, who has already spent over two weeks in jail, is currently lodged in the Arthur Road prison and if reports are anything to go by, jail staff are worried about his health and hygiene. He is reportedly having a tough time in jail as he is not eating the food and also not drinking enough water. It is being reported that he has been surviving on biscuits taken from the jail canteen. He is also reportedly avoiding using the washroom due to hygiene issues. Earlier, a jail superintendent had shared that SRK had sent Rs 4,500 money order for his son Aryan, meant for his expenses. SRK, on October 21, visited his son in the jail, after he was denied bail in the cruise ship drugs case for the third or fourth time. Several videos of SRK arriving and leaving the jail premises went viral soon after.

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