Bajre Da Sitta singers Rashmeet Kaur, Deep Kalsi commit to preserve folk music

Bajre Da Sitta singers Rashmeet Kaur, Deep Kalsi commit to preserve folk music

Bas folk music ko zinda rakhna hai — that’s the driving force behind singers and songwriters Rashmeet Kaur and Deep Kalsi of Bajre Da Sitta fame, to add a contemporary spin to the legacy of folk music.

“We’re making new songs, like our recent release Daru Hor Piyade with fresh composition. But we’re also working on recreating folk songs. It’s very important for us to do, so that it reaches more people and doesn’t die. We want to promote our culture, agar hum kissi tarah kar sake yeh, toh it’ll be a big contribution from our side,” says Kaur.

To this, Khalsi adds, “Folk music is in our roots. Har kissi ko agar pata nahi hoga iske baare mein toh iski kadar nahi ho payegi. We want usko uska darja miley.”

That’s one of the reasons Kaur made sure she included a number of folk songs to her play list for live gigs, before they became scarce as a ripple effect of the pandemic.

“In the past, I’ve included Jugni, Challa, and other songs because I want people to know about them. You can actually see people connecting to it instantly. It’s never going to die. The originality of folk music is always there. It has something in it which connects people, chahe woh kahin ka bhi ho. I’m not only talking about Punjabi songs, but any language song. It has the power to connect people,” says the Nadiyon Paar singer.

Citing example of how their track Bajre Da Sitta became an instant hit even with the youth, Kaur says, “It was very important to create something like this, which can increase the longevity of a folk number. Now, I see the younger generation also singing the song, and making reels.”

Asked about the next folk song that the duo is planning to or wish to recreate, Kalsi says they never really sit and think about it.

“We want ke jab hum dono ek saath studio mein baithe ho, tab on the spot vibe se kuch nikale. There’s no fun if you plan and think about it a lot. When our vibes connect and match with each other, that’s true music and that’s what we like to create,” Kalsi wraps up.

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