bhagwat: Bhagwat reiterates RSS concern at ‘rising Muslim share’ in population | India News

bhagwat: Bhagwat reiterates RSS concern at ‘rising Muslim share’ in population | India News

NAGPUR: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Friday called for a reformulation of the national population policy to ensure demographic balance while reiterating the Sangh’s concerns about the rising share of Muslims in the country’s population.
Speaking at the annual Vijayadashami event here to mark Sangh’s foundation day, Bhagwat also raised the issue of targeted killings of the minorities in Kashmir, saying terrorists were doing so to bring back the fear that had vanished in the valley after the Centre’s nullification of Article 370.
In his speech, which was beamed live on the social media as the event was once again closed for mediapersons, Bhagwat pointed out that while religions like Islam and Christianity came to India through invasion, Jews and Parsis came to the country seeking refuge. The event, which was attended by Union minister Nitin Gadkari and former Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis, had the consul general of Israel Kobbi Shoshani as a special guest.
While calling for a review and reformulation of the national population policy by keeping the next 50 years in mind, Bhagwat reiterated the 2015 resolution of RSS’s Akhil Bhartiya Karyakari Mandal (ABKM) which openly talked about the rising share of Muslims and Christians in the country’s population. Referring to Muslims, he said they can follow patriots like quartermaster Abdul Hamid (who was posthumously awarded Param Vir Chakra for his heroic role in the 1965 Indo-Pak war) or Hasan Khan Mewati who fought Babur alongside Rana Sanga.
The written text of Bhagwat’s speech released by the RSS includes the ABKM resolution which cites the 2011 census and says that population of religions of “Bharatiya origin” has come down from 88% to 83.8% between 1952 and 2011. The Muslim population, on the other hand, has grown from 9.8% to 14.23% during the same period.
The rate of growth of Muslim population has been very high than the national average in the border states of Assam, Bengal and Bihar and this clearly indicates unabated infiltration from Bangladesh, the resolution had said.
Emphasizing that “religious imbalance” in north-eastern states has assumed serious proportions, the written text of the speech quotes from the resolution: “The populations of people following indigenous religions have come down to 67% from 81.3% from 2001 to 2011. In just one decade, the Christian population has grown by 13%. In Manipur, the population of religions of Bharatiya origin has come down to 50% from more than 80%. The unnatural growth of Christian population indicates a targeted action by some groups with vested interests.”
Bhagwat, who did not read out the entire resolution, advocated the need for implementing the national register of citizenship (NRC). “The NRC is however not meant for those people who have been living in India as citizens since generations,” he said.
Criticising the recent incident of violence on the Assam-Mizoram border in which six jawans of Assam police were killed, Bhagwat, without naming the two northeastern states, said that they are part of the same country.
Speaking on the targeted killings of minorities in Kashmir, the RSS chief said the terrorists wanted to revive fear in the valley. “This is why they (terrorists) resort to targeted killings to demoralize, like they did before. Their objective is to again instill fear.”
On Taliban, Bhagwat said they claim to have changed but indications are to the contrary. “The country needs to have a cautious approach toward the new regime in Afghanistan,” he added.
“Their predisposition to passionate fanaticism, tyranny and terrorism in the name of Islam is sufficient to make everyone apprehensive. Now, China, Pakistan and Turkey have coalesced in an unholy coalition with the Taliban,” Bhagwat added.
The RSS chief said properties and management of Hindu temples are being usurped and handed over to heretics. “In south India, temples are being controlled by the government. In rest of the country, it’s a mixed system where temples are run by both government and trusts. The temples should be handed over to the Hindu devotees and the wealth utilized for worship of the deity and welfare of the Hindu community,” he said.
He also stressed the need to regulate OTT platforms and expressed concerns over “uncontrolled” cryptocurrencies and the drug menace.

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