BIG BREAKING: Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani resigns

BIG BREAKING: Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani resigns

Vijay Rupani has resigned from the post of Gujarat Chief Minister on Saturday (September 11), just a year before the State Assembly Elections scheduled for 2022.

The reason for his resignation is unclear. Rupani told reporters he is thankful to the BJP leadership for giving him an opportunity to serve as the chief minister. 

“I am resigning from the post of the Chief Minister. I thank PM Modi and the party for giving me an opportunity to work for five years,” Vijay Rupani told the reporters at Raj Bhavan.

“I am just a worker of the organisation and will continue to be so. For the upcoming state Assembly elections, definitely, our PM Modi will be the face,” Rupani said when asked who will be the face for the elections, as he and the party earlier had declared that the 2022 elections will be led by him.

“I will accept whatever responsibility the party gives me,” said Rupani.

He took the charge as the Chief Minister of Gujarat on August 7, 2016. He currently represents Gujarat’s Rajkot West as an MLA.

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