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LUCKNOW: Reacting to Congress general secretary Priyanka Vadra’s announcement that her party would give 40% tickets to women in the UP assembly elections, former UP Congress Committee president and BJP MP from Prayagraj Rita Bahuguna Joshi on Tuesday said there was ‘never any respect for women’ in the Congress party.
“Had there been respect for women in the Congress I would not have left the party after serving it for nearly 18 years,” she said. Many other senior leaders and workers have left the Congress in despair. Today in Rajasthan and Maharashtra stories of women harassment and exploitation are heard every day,” she said.
Joshi said that the Congress was sure to lose in UP. “Therefore talking about women contesting elections is nothing but a farce,” she said. Joshi said if the Congress leadership was concerned about women’s interest, then why it did not field women in the seats of Amethi and Rae Bareli in earlier assembly elections. “Knowing its defeat in the UP elections, the Congress has started a political stunt of giving representation to women, although they are not going to get anything from it,” she said.
Meanwhile, UP BJP chief Swatantra Dev Singh said that opposition parties, including Congress, were ‘family trusts’, where only family members sit on big posts and there was no room for ordinary workers to grow. He was speaking at Samaj Pratinidhi Sammelan organised by the BJP to woo the OBC. Singh said that the opposition nurtured an objective of looting the country and its people.
He categorically attacked the Congress for doing lip service to remove poverty despite being in power for the maximum period after independence. He said that the Congress even denied the existence of Ram and coined words like “Hindu terrorism”. In a reference to PM Narendra Modi, Singh said that it was only in the BJP that a tea seller born in a poor family becomes PM of the country. “Despite holding such a high office, he did not do any favours to his family. “Not one member of his family ever sat in a government car,” he said.

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