BJP govt has failed the country: Rahul Gandhi | India News

BJP govt has failed the country: Rahul Gandhi | India News

NEW DELHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday alleged that the BJP government has failed the country with the farmers upset, borders witnessing clashes and soaring inflation.
Taking to Twitter, Gandhi said the BJP government has been a failure with the country’s farmers upset, soaring inflation and the clashes at the borders.
“The farmer is upset, Inflation has touched the sky, there is a clash at the borders. India is still great. But the central government has been a failure and will remain a failure,” he said in a tweet in Hindi and used the hashtag “BJPfailsIndia”.

The grand old party also posted a video about the same issues – farmers, the border clashes and high inflation – but used a different hashtag “#ModiHoshMeinAao” to bring Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s attention on these issues.

“PM Modi needs a reality check,” the Congress tweeted from its handle along with the short video.

The Congress has been attacking the BJP government and PM Modi over high inflation including soaring fuel prices and farmers’ issues for some time now.
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