BTS: When Jungkook revealed he broke up with a girl after not meeting her for 200 days, watch

BTS: When Jungkook revealed he broke up with a girl after not meeting her for 200 days, watch

BTS member Jungkook, along with his fellow members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin and V, have not publicly dated anyone after they became K-pop idols. However, he did once reveal that he dated a girl during his pre-BTS days.

The singer opened up about his dating life during an episode of BTS’ early variety show called America Hustle Life. In a clip shared as part of the unreleased cut of episode five, Jungkook revealed that he dated a girl but did not meet her for 200 days. He eventually decided to break it off.

“This was when I was young, and it was like I was in a relationship but not really in a relationship. When we’re young, we would go out with each other as a joke and stuff. If we look at elementary school kids. We would just say ‘Let’s go out’ and like, I don’t really like meeting up and stuff. I don’t really like going out either. It had been 200 days, I still didn’t meet up with her (laughs). There was a time like that. So I said, ‘Let’s break up,'” he said.

“But back then, I thought being in a relationship and not being in a relationship was the same thing. Like ‘Is this what it’s like to be in a relationship?’ But I don’t think that we went out though. I never experienced real love before,” the singer added.

Fast forward to today, Jungkook has had his share of dating rumours. However, his managing company, Big Hit Entertainment (now Big Hit Music) have denied the rumours.

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BTS is currently busy with their song releases. In the last two months, the K-pop group has released two music videos– Butter and Permission to Dance. While the group is yet to announce their next releases, BTS leader RM sparked rumours of an album in the making during his Vlive session with Jin.

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