BTS: When V had a nightmare and wanted to sleep with Jimin. Here's what Filter singer did next

BTS: When V had a nightmare and wanted to sleep with Jimin. Here’s what Filter singer did next

Besides being bandmates, BTS singers Jimin and V are close friends as well. They studied in the same school and are of the same age as well. On numerous occasions, fans have played witness to their close bond. One such incident was during BTS’ trip to the Philippines.

BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook had travelled to the country as part of their Summer Package 2017. During their stay, V had a nightmare and decided to share the room with Jimin. However, Jimin kicked him out in his sleep.

The next day, upon learning about the incident, Jimin went to the market and picked up a dreamcatcher for V. When the group came together later that day, Jimin handed V the dreamcatcher and hoped that it would keep the nightmares away.

“V came to my room to sleep together after he saw a ghost. I was so sleepy that I don’t remember (kicking him out). I don’t know but I said go out,” Jimin told the group. Jimin bought the charm to help V and also hoped to apologise to him.

The sweet gesture left their fellow BTS members cheering. In a post-interview, Jimin said, “He said I kicked him out. I was so sorry. I really don’t recall. I was really tired. I refused him. He said he was turning the air conditioner on but he said I didn’t allow him to. I lied, I lied half asleep. He said I kicked him out. I was so sorry.”

During his post-session-interview, V said, “He didn’t kick me out. Jimin opened the door for me, but in the morning, he said, he doesn’t even remember opening the door for me. If I had known, I could have just turned the air conditioner on.”

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The incident got a mention in their song Friends, which was released as part of their album Map of the Soul: 7. “The dreamcatcher in my room/7-year-long history/Is that why it’s even more special,” V sings in the song.

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