CBI arrests two more from Andhra Pradesh for posting defamatory content against judges | Visakhapatnam News - Times of India

CBI arrests two more from Andhra Pradesh for posting defamatory content against judges | Visakhapatnam News – Times of India

HYDERABAD: Central Bureau of Investigation arrested two more accused from Andhra Pradesh for posting derogatory comments on social media against judges and the judiciary. So far, five people have been arrested in the case.
These arrests have gained significance in the wake of Supreme Court comments on attacks against the judges.
CBI is using the channels of Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty and Interpol to collect evidence from abroad.
The two arrested accused were identified as Pattapu Aadarsh and Lavanuru Samba Siva Reddy. They were produced before the judge in Guntur on Sunday.
CBI earlier arrested two accused on July 28 identified as Dhami Reddy Konda Reddy (presently in judicial custody) and Pamula Sudheer (presently in police custody). Two more accused were arrested on July 9.
CBI had registered a case on November 11, 2020 against 16 accused and taken over the investigation from Andhra CID. Andhra Pradesh high court issued orders in the case in 2020.
The original FIRs were registered on the complaints from the registrar general of Andhra Pradesh high court. The case was registered under sections for criminal intimidation, provoking enmity between groups, insult and public mischief.
“It was alleged that the accused, by intentionally targeting the judiciary, made derogatory posts on social media platform against judges and judiciary, following some court verdicts delivered by the judges of high court of Andhra Pradesh, CBI officials said.
After registration of the case, CBI traced 13 of the 16 accused named in FIR in the case on various digital platforms.
Three out of them were found to be abroad. CBI so far examined 11 out of 13 accused persons and arrested 5 out of them. Evidence against remaining 6 accused persons is being evaluated for further necessary legal action. CBI is pursuing to secure the presence of two other accused said to be abroad, for their examination.
CBI also conducted searches at the premises of accused persons which led to the recovery of several incriminating documents. It was also found that one accused was allegedly using a passport with a name different from his real identity.
To investigate a larger conspiracy, CBI has also examined certain persons including an MP Nandigam Suresh, ex-MLA Amanchi Krishna Mohan and also continued investigation into the role of other persons who were not mentioned in the FIR.
The action was also initiated by CBI, after it had registered this case to get objectionable posts removed from the social media platforms, public domains and a lot of such posts/accounts were removed from internet.

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