CBSE Class 10, 12 date sheet release today:

CBSE first term examinations for class X and XII will begin in mid November

The CBSE first term examinations for minor subjects will begin on November 16 for class XII students and November 17 for class X students, with the exams for major subjects beginning later on November 30.

The CBSE had earlier announced that it has divided subjects for both classes X and XII into major and minor subjects. Major subjects are those which are offered in most schools and there are 19 major subjects for class XII and 9 major subjects for class X.

On Monday, the board released a common date-sheet for these major subjects. The examinations for these will begin on November 30 for class X students with Social Science and will end on December 11 with English. For class X, these will begin on December 1 with Sociology and will end on December 22 with Home Science.

There are a total of 114 subjects offered by the board in class XII and 75 subjects in class X. The exams for the remainder of the subjects—categorized as minor subjects—will be conducted earlier and the time-tables for these will be sent separately to the schools since there is no common time table. It has created groups of schools which offer particular minor subjects and has created separate time tables for these such that different schools might be conducting different exams on a given day.

“Datesheets of the minor subjects will be sent to the schools because these exams will be conducted by schools though the question papers will be provided by CBSE… CBSE will be making all necessary arrangements. All the schools will be sanitized before the exams. Best efforts will be made by the board that they will not be going far away from their home schools and a large number of schools will be designated as self centres keeping in mind the distance and comfort of the students,” said Controller of Examination Sanyam Bharadwaj.

The 90 minute exams will be conducted from 11:30 AM to 1 PM.

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