Rakesh Asthana

Delhi Police chief holds first open house for staff

Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana on Friday held his first ‘open house’ to redress the grievances of police personnel.

Over 40 personnel, from the ranks of constable to Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) appeared before the police chief for the open house at his chamber in the police headquarters.

Asthana issued instructions after hearing the grievances, which were mostly related to transfers, promotions, medical issues, increments, and quarter allotment, among others, said a senior police officer.

After taking charge as Delhi Police chief, Asthana, in his first interaction with his force, had announced that he would hold an open house every Friday to personally hear them and sort out their problems.

“Any police personnel with unresolved grievances can appear and share his or her problem with the CP, Delhi. The open house will also act as a feedback mechanism on the issues faced by members of the service,” said Delhi Police spokesperson Chinmoy Biswal.

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