dhami: Election only agenda of political parties other than BJP in Uttarakhand: CM | India News

dhami: Election only agenda of political parties other than BJP in Uttarakhand: CM | India News

DEHRADUN: Uttarakhand chief minister Pushkar Singh Dhami on Friday said election is the only agenda of political parties other than the BJP, which is working honestly to take the state forward on the path of development.
In an interview to PTI-Bhasha, he said, “Barring the BJP, all other parties in Uttarakhand are working with the assembly polls in mind. They are not to be seen for four-and-a-half years. They come on the scene only when elections are round the corner and start making announcements. It shows election is their only agenda.”
“Our agenda as of now is not just the elections. We are working honestly to steer the state on the path of development. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given us a vision for 2025. When the state turns 25 in the year 2025, it will be an ideal state in the country ahead of others in every respect,” he said, adding that Modi has said this himself and is working towards that goal.
Assembly poll in Uttarakhand is scheduled early next year.
On prominent Dalit leader Yashpal Arya leaving the BJP recently to return to the Congress, the chief minister said it will make no difference to the BJP.
“Ours is a democratic and an organisation-based party. It works on the principle in which the nation comes first, organisation second and individual third, and our target is taking the state forward on the path of development,” he said.
BJP workers do not work caring about who comes and who goes. What is good for the country and the state is the only basis on which they work, Dhami added.
Reacting to AICC general secretary Harish Rawat’s remarks that the Congress does not encourage defections but will not hesitate to retaliate if the BJP did so, Dhami said, on the one hand, Rawat says he won’t encourage defections but on the other he is doing just the opposite of it.
“If some people are of his liking then he welcomes them into the party and if some others are not then he sets his own norms and standards for them,” he said.
When asked whether the farmers’ agitation will harm the BJP’s poll prospects, Dhami evaded a direct reply saying apart from belonging to a family of soldiers he himself is also a farmer.
“All farmers are our brothers. We keep meeting and talking to each other. We are family. Elections are a different matter but considering the fact that I am from among them I can’t imagine they can even think of doing that,” he said.
On the agitation by priests demanding dissolution of the Chardham Devasthanam Board, Dhami said he was personally talking to all stakeholders and had constituted a committee headed by senior BJP leader Manohar Kant Dhyani, who will listen to all the sides and submit his report to the state government in November.
On the issue of migration from the hills, he said a commission headed by former Forest Research Institute (FRI) director SS Negi has worked on it and prepared several reports.
Self-employment schemes have also been launched to give jobs to people at their homes and stop migration from the hills, he said.
On his first 100 days in the top office, the chief minister said his approach has been to ensure that the bureaucracy works properly and people’s problems are resolved.
He said before making each announcement he had got an estimate prepared by the department concerned and then taken the opinion of the finance department. As a result of it, people have begun to get the benefits of the schemes.
Dhami spoke about several packages announced by his government for the tourism, health, roadways and culture sectors, which were the worst hit by the Covid pandemic.
He said he works for 18-20 hours a day, dedicating every moment to the service of people.
On the BJP’s prospects for the state assembly polls, Dhami said the results will be good.
He said after Modi became the prime minister, a number of historic steps had been taken for the development of the state whose benefits will be reaped by the BJP.
Naming the historic projects, Dhami mentioned work on the long-awaited Rishikesh-Karnaprayag rail line, Chardham all-weather road, unprecedented boost to air connectivity, Bharatmala project, building of a new Kedarpuri, a Rs 250 crore Badrinath masterplan and work worth over Rs 700 crore done for Chardham.

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