Economy now gathering pace: PM Modi at CII event


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New Delhi, Aug 11: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that the Indian economy is gaining pace.

Narendra Modi

“All friends and organisations in Industry are a major part of India’s growth story. With efforts of all of you, India’s economy is picking up pace once again. There is rarely a day when a CEO doesn’t issue a statement or there’s not a report on new opportunities,” said PM at CII Annual Session’21.

“The New India is ready and committed to growing with the new world. India, which was once apprehensive of foreign investment, is today welcoming all types of investments. India is taking major leaps in ease of doing business ranking today,” PM Modi said.

“The situation is changing rapidly. Today, the sentiments of citizens lie with products that are made in India. It is not necessary for it to be an Indian company, but every Indian now wants to use products that are made in India. The nation has made up its mind,” PM Modi added.

“The Industry has to make its policies and strategies in accordance with this. This will help you, going ahead in the ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’, the prime minister further said.

“The agriculture sector was once considered to be just a medium of livelihood. But now, efforts are being made to connect Indian farmers with the domestic and global markets through historic reforms in the agriculture sector,” PM Modi said.

“Today, India is receiving record FDIs. FPI investment is also making new records due to several efforts of the government. Today, the country’s forex reserve is on an all-time high,” he added.

“Another factor which you need to focus on is, the growing self-confidence of Indians. You have experienced this in the Olympics. When today’s youth of India come out on the field, they don’t have any hesitancy in their minds. They want to work hard & take risks,” he said.

“They want to yield results. Yes, we belong to this place – we see this emotion in our youth today. India’s start-ups have the same self-confidence today,” he added.

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