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NEW DELHI: A parliamentary panel has recommended the housing and urban affairs ministry to explore the possibility of revisiting the ceiling on the number of street vendors, which is currently 2.5% of the population of the city, town, zone or ward. It has said this ceiling is “grossly inadequate” in thickly populated cities such as Delhi and Mumbai.
The standing committee on urban development, headed by BJP lawmaker Jagdambika Pal, has observed that even after seven years of enactment of the Act to protect the livelihood of street vendors, several states have not carried out vendor surveys, formed Town Vending Committees (TVCs) and notified vendors’ zone or market which are essential for the implementation of the Central law.
The panel has also sought the reasons for the delay and had recommended taking up the issue at the highest level and preventing eviction of street vendors without formation of and consultation of TVCs. It has recommended to the government to sensitise police forces and officials of civic bodies to prevent their exploitation. It said the primary purpose of the Act is to prevent any exploitation at the hands of police.
The report highlighting the lapses in the implementation of the Act comes at a time when the Centre has rolled out a scheme to provide subsidised loans of Rs 10,000 to each street vendor for reviving their livelihood. As of July 30, 43.3 lakh street vendors have applied for the loan out of which 25.3 lakh loans have been sanctioned. The banks have disbursed loans to 22.8 lakh street vendors.
The committee has also recommended developing ‘Model Vending Zones’ or ‘Vendor Markets’ on the lines of Indore’s Food Street and Chennai’s Pondi Bazaar as “light house projects” for replication by other states. It also said the location of vending zones and markets may be developed in vacant spaces adjacent to parks and community centres.

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