Govt not focusing on law & order, claims BJP, Sena says ‘don’t politicise’

Govt not focusing on law & order, claims BJP, Sena says ‘don’t politicise’

The Sakinaka rape case on Saturday turned into a political slugfest with BJP leaders, including former chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, accusing the government of not focussing on law and order while the Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) government alleged that the Opposition was politicising the issue.

Fadnavis, also the Leader of Opposition in the state Assembly, said the incident has brought to the fore questions related to the state’s law and order situation and governance. “When a disciplined police force is misused to serve political and commercial interests by the government, it dilutes the institution impacting law and order,” he added.

He further said, “Mumbai has always been perceived as the safest place for women. Here, women constitute a sizeable working force and travel uninhibited till late night. Such incidents tarnish the image of Mumbai.”

“When such instances take place in country’s commercial capital, it leaves the entire country shocked. It instills fear and raises questions about safety of women.”

BJP vice-president Chitra Wagh said, “It is horrifying. It numbs our senses. We cannot even imagine what the woman who was subjected to such brutality must have gone through. The state government must take harsh action against the culprit.”

“At this moment, I just want to say we all apologize to the sister. We as a civilised society failed to protect her and save her life,” she added.

Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut said that it is a question of law and order and the Opposition should not politicise such issues. “The Opposition is levelling allegations against the government. It should put forth its stand. The chief minister, home minister and others have condemned the incident. The accused in this case should get severe punishment. This case should be fast-tracked.”

He further said that the incident is being compared to the Nirbhaya case of Delhi. “There is no objection to the comparison because a woman has lost her life. The government will have to take more drastic steps to prevent such unfortunate incidents from happening again and it will certainly take such steps,” Raut added.

Thackeray said in a statement on Saturday, “The heinous crime that took place in Sakinaka is a disgrace to humanity. The case will be tried in a fast track court and the culprit will be severely punished to ensure justice to the victim.” He added that he has discussed the matter with Home Minister Dilip Walse Patil.

Thackeray further said that he has taken all details about the incident and also spoken to the commissioner of police. “Officials have been directed to speed up investigation,” he added.

Condemning the incident, Walse Patil said that the accused will get severe punishment.

“Yesterday, I had given instructions to the police department to see if any other accused is involved in the incident and to submit reports regularly. I am personally monitoring the investigation,” he added.

NCP Minister Nawab Malik said that the incident is painful. “The government will ensure that the chargesheet is filed at the earliest. Severe punishment should be given to the accused so that it will create fear of the law among others. The government will make efforts in this direction,” he added.

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