Habit: Sidharth Shukla’s final music video has Shehnaaz Gill fighting back tears, watch

Habit: Sidharth Shukla’s final music video has Shehnaaz Gill fighting back tears, watch

Late actor Sidharth Shukla’s swansong, Habit, released on Wednesday, a day early, on popular demand. The music video features him alongside his rumoured girlfriend, actor Shehnaaz Gill. Singer Shreya Ghoshal wrote on Twitter, “Thousands of #SidNaaz fans wanted the song immediately. Who are we to come in the way? #HABIT OUT NOW.”

Fans were moved by the Habit music video. “The video of #Habit song of #SidharthShukla is just heartbreaking. Still can’t believe that he’s no more,” one replied to Shreya’s tweet. “This is not just a song… This is an emotion for us… #HABIT OUT NOW #HabitOfSidharthShukla,” another wrote.

The video began with an emotional Shehnaaz saying, “Bichda iss kadar ki rut hi badal gayi, ek shaks saare sheher ko viraan kar gaya (He left in a way that even the season changed, one person left the entire city desolate).” This was followed by scenes shot by her and Sidharth in Goa, including behind-the-scenes footage.

Sidharth died on September 2, of a suspected heart attack, before the shoot of the Habit music video could be completed. Shehnaaz, hit hard by the tragedy, has maintained a low profile ever since.

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Habit returned to its original title earlier this week after fans objected to the song being rechristened Adhura. “He was a star and will be forever… The love of millions of hearts will shine bright forever. #Habit our unfinished song.. #Adhura hai par phir bhi poora rahega.. #Sidnaaz ka yeh aakhri gaana, har fan ki khwahish, hamesha ke liye humare dilon mein zinda rahega (It is incomplete yet it will be complete. The last song of Sidnaaz, the wish of every fan, will stay alive in our hearts forever),” Shreya had written in a previous Instagram post.

Sidharth and Shehnaaz also featured in music videos such as Bhula Dunga and Shona Shona.

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