Kaun Banega Crorepati 13 premiere episode: Contestant Gyan Raj reveals he left study offer from ISRO to be with his mother who suffered brain hemorrhage - Times of India

Kaun Banega Crorepati 13 premiere episode: Contestant Gyan Raj reveals he left study offer from ISRO to be with his mother who suffered brain hemorrhage – Times of India

Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan begins Kaun Banega Crorepati 13 with great enthusiasm. He introduces 10 contestants competing for the hot-seat. Big B explains the changes in the new season. The first change being – Fastest Finger First Triple Test.

Three questions will be asked with four options and contestants only have to choose the correct answer. Gyan Raj becomes the first contestant to reach the hot-seat.

Gyan is from a village in Jharkhand and he teaches robotics to kids. His sister and mother accompanied him.

Big B blushes when ‘Ask the Expert’ Richa Anirudh says that she has been in the show for 10 years only to meet and talk to him. The host says, “I will tell the makers to give me a place to hide my face. I feel awkward when you all sing praises for me.”

The first question comes on screen, where Gyan is asked to complete a dialogue from the ‘3 Idiots’. He answers it correctly.

He uses first lifeline for an audio question for Rs. 10,000. ‘Naino me Sapna’ song is played and asked to name the singer. He uses audience poll and is not satisfied with the result. He uses second lifeline – Flip the Question. The options were: A. Amit Kumar, B, Udit Narayan, C. Kumar Sanu and D. Bappi Lahiri.

He gets the next question from mythology segment and answers it correctly.

Big B says he missed the audience on the sets as they weren’t here last year. He says, “My enthusiasm has increased seeing you all.”

Gyan Raj’s background is shown in a video montage. He is a teacher, who wishes to bring about a change by teaching them Science.

Big B praises his work. Gyan Raj says the kids, he teaches have never stepped out of their village but they participate in national competitions and win prizes too. He has refused many job offers only to teach the kids. He proudly reveals that one of his students got into ISRO.

Gyan himself had gotten a chance to study from ISRO after passing out school but his mother suffered mother brain hemorrhage at a same time. He chose to be with his mother that time. His mother, present in the audience adds, “I had always told him to work hard and not wait for results. Good things happen to those who wait.”

The game resumes.

He plays confidently and wins Rs 80,000.

Big B asks about his love life, to which, Gyan replies saying that he has no time but his mother is looking for prospects. He reveals that once he liked a girl and his friend went and proposed to the girl. But when the girl slapped the guy, he got scared and thought to stay away from love.

In the next video question given he wins Rs. 1,60, 000.

He uses a lifeline ‘Ask the expert’ for the question: Which other country’s armed forces contingent took part in the Republic Day parade of India at Rajpath in 2021?

A. Bhutan, B. Sri Lanka, C. Bangladesh and D. Maldives.

The expert answers option C and Gyan goes for it.

He wins Rs 3,20,000.

Big B then gets to know it is also Gyan Raj’s birthday. He requests to play birthday song for him and wishes him too.

The 11th question is: Now called Hardy-Ramanujan Number, what was the number of the taxicab that mathematician GH Hardy took when he visited S. Ramanujan?

Options are: A. 1729, B. 4103, C. 6174 and D. 1089.

He uses his last lifeline – 50:50.

A and B options left. He goes for option A and guesses it right and wins Rs 6,40,000.

The next question comes for Rs. 12,80,000.

What language was the autobiographical Baburnama written in? A, Karakhanid, B, Chagatai, C. Bashkir and D. Uyghur.

The contestant is not sure of the answer and tries to rule out the wrong ones. Big B advises him to think properly and then either play or quit. First he selects option A and then goes for option D.

But however it is the wrong answer, the correct answer being option C. Chagatai.

Gyan takes home Rs. 3,20,000.

Big B plays Fastest Finger First Triple Test for the second time. Dr. Neha Bathla from Uttarakhand becomes the second contestant. She is a veterinarian. Neha’s father-in-law has accompanied her. She credits him for her sitting on the hot-seat. She reveals, “He would try for the show and then when I got married he supported and encouraged me to participate in the game. I have come to fulfill his game.”

She plays the game till Rs. 2000 and the episode ends.

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