Keep away from 'Ram-drohis': Adityanath at backward classes gathering | India News

Keep away from ‘Ram-drohis’: Adityanath at backward classes gathering | India News

NEW DELHI: “Those who are not the well-wishers of Lord Ram can never be your well-wishers,” UP chief minister Adityanath said in his address to the members of the Vishwakarma community in Lucknow on Saturday.
He accused the opposition parties of being anti-Ram, and that they not only harmed the faith but also disturbed the social fabric, impeded development and threw the state in the “fire of riots” during their rule.
“Maintaining distance from Ram-drohis (who are anti-Ram), who shield terrorists, embrace rioters, tear the social fabric would be better for your present and also for the bright future of your coming generations,” he said at a gathering organised by the BJP Backward Classes Front.
“Some people created hurdles in the path of construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya and opened fire on Ram bhakts, today the BJP governments have started its construction and it is going on in full flow,” he said.
Adityanath said that law and order in UP has improved under his government, and people are able to celebrate festivals without fear.
“The masses were unable to celebrate and would live in fear in the shadow of curfew. And these people (opposition leaders) would shamelessly don skull caps and insult the people of the state,” Adityanath said.
On the controversial Ram Setu issue, he alleged that the Congress, SP and BSP were trying to harm Adam’s Bridge, a chain of underground limestone shoals in the Palk Strait, while the BJP protected it.
He was referring to the Sethusamudram shipping canal project controversy where the previous UPA government had contended before the Supreme Court that the “Rama Setu” is not an “essential” and “integral” part of the Hindu religion.
The chief minister said that when the Congress-led UPA government was formed in 2004, there was a competition between the SP and BSP to extend support to it.
“The SP had given support even without being asked and their intention was to hurt the Hindu faith by placing a gun on the shoulders of the Congress,” he alleged.
“These people not only harmed the faith but also disturbed social fabric, harmed development and threw the state in the fire of riots,” the BJP leader alleged.
UP is on a fast track of development owing to the vision of PM Modi and blessings of Lord Vishwakarma, the PM said.
(With inputs from PTI)

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