Magnitude 4.1 earthquake hits Gujarat

Magnitude 4.1 earthquake hits Gujarat’s Kutch district, no damage to life and property reported

A 4.1 magnitude earthquake struck Gujarat’s Kutch district today which had its epicentre located near Dholavira, the Institute of Seismological Research (ISR) said. The officials of the district administration have confirmed that no damage to life and property was reported due to the moderate-intensity earthquake.

“A 4.1-magnitude earthquake was recorded at 12.08 pm on Saturday with its epicentre 23 km East-Southeast (ESE) of Dholavira in Kutch. It was recorded at a depth of 6.1 km,” the Gandhinagar-based institute said.

This is the second earthquake to have occurred in the region in the month of August. On August 4, an earthquake of 4.0 magnitude was recorded in the district.

Kutch district is located in a ‘very high-risk seismic zone’, as per the state disaster management authority. The region had experienced a devastating earthquake in 2001. The 2001 Gujarat earthquake, also known as the Bhuj earthquake, occurred on January 26.

The earthquake killed between 13,805 and 20,023 people (including 18 in southeastern Pakistan), injured another 167,000, and destroyed nearly 340,000 buildings.

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