Mallika Sherawat: 'Now frontal nudity is accepted, earlier a kissing scene or wearing bikini was not acceptable' | Hindi Movie News - Bollywood - Times of India

Mallika Sherawat: ‘Now frontal nudity is accepted, earlier a kissing scene or wearing bikini was not acceptable’ | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood – Times of India

The bold and beautiful actress Mallika Sherawat recently opened up on ‘frontal nudity for women in cinema’. Putting forward her point during a conversation with Zoom TV, the actress talked about the reason why she believes that society has evolved since the time she began her career in the Hindi film industry. Mallika said, ‘I think we’ve really evolved as a society because now frontal nudity is accepted,’ adding, ‘When I started my career, just a kissing scene was not accepted.’ Malaika, who was promoting her upcoming web series along with her co-actor Esha Gupta, thinks that celebs should take a stand on issues and put forward their point when it’s important. Stressing on it the ‘Murder’ actress said, ‘I think that the platform should be used, especially the woman should take a stand. We owe it to each other, to uplift each other, to really support each other in times of need. I have always kind of consciously used my platform and the voice I have to talk about women’s rights, the plight of women. I can never understand why people remain silent, why wouldn’t you speak on certain issues and bring awareness.’ Earlier, Malaika had opened up on being subjected to moral schooling bby a certain section of society. In a conversation with an entertainment portal, Mallika had said, ‘That’s what the patriarchal system is. It’s always the women who are always targeted, not the men. Not only in India, but that’s all over the world. Men walk away with everything, they get away with everything, it’s like those who blame the woman for everything. I don’t know why, but more so in India, I feel.’ Elaborating further on her journey in the film industry Mallika had then revealed, ‘I don’t have any boyfriend in Bollywood, I have never been with any actor, director or producer. With me like this is my work, if you think I am worthy of your project I would love to be a part of it. But if a director, a producer or an actor wants to cast their girlfriends then it’s their choice.’

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