Meet our inspiration Mr Devin Yadav, one of the youngest entrepreneurs

Meet our inspiration Mr Devin Yadav, one of the youngest entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur is an individual who creates a new business, bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as an innovator, a source of new ideas, goods, services, and business or procedures. Being an entrepreneur is not easy. One needs to have a lot of dedication and the ability to work hard for it.

Mr Devin Yadav who is one of the best and youngest entrepreneurs is only 24-years-old. He has great calculated tactics when it comes to his vast business ideas, which are extended to various sectors. He is popular for his work. Mr Devin’s father is a successful politician. He has had a successful run in politics earlier. In the early days, many people thought that he also walked the same path but he didn’t. He always has quite different and unique dreams. He always loves to have a different mindset regarding working relentlessly because he believes in creating a legacy in his own way.

Being passionate about the business he started his own. He always gives fuel to his business ideas. He spread his biting in various fields which keeps him on his toes all the time. Mr Yadav is that entrepreneur who has his business in various sectors. At only this age he has his own liquor business in Odisha. It has been running successfully for quite a long time. This business stands as one of the most profitable businesses running in the industry. It also makes his name pretty famous in the industry as an entrepreneur.

He now runs a real estate company. He has a chain of eight to ten hospitals across Odisha. E-commerce is another field in which he is also interested. That is why he is planning to enter the E-Commerce business very soon. According to Mr Devin, Pharmaceuticals and Tech products are very much in demand, and he is planning to get into this business and boost the sector. He always thinks that a business person must work hard and keep the work authentic. He has proved himself and his business skills with business tactics and distinct business ideas.

His father was a politician but now he is a retired man and he also wants to help Mr Devin. Now he is trying to build a whiskey production manufacturing unit in Khordha and Bhubaneshwar. He is very down-to-earth. He always loves to involve himself selflessly to help others and social work. He is known as the former youth president in Odisha and over the years. Since then he has done several social welfare activities for the goodwill of people. Mr Devin has been associated with many good causes. He always believed that one should do their bit in all possible senses for the betterment of society. According to him, if one helps poor and underprivileged people they can get a lot of bliss and it always defines a person’s personality.

Nowadays he plans to build a startup ecosystem in Odisha. It speaks highly about his visionary leadership as an entrepreneur. On our inspection, Mr Devin Yadav has pretty strong notions about investments, and thus he believes that one does not become wealthy by having savings in their bank account. He always chooses the intelligent investment. According to him, investing in startups is one thing that he always loves to do. And he followed this. He is moving ahead with a well-defined strategic plan. He has perfect willpower that is the driving force of his success and he undoubtedly leaves no corner behind when it comes to his work strategy.

In the pressure of work, he never forgets to live his personal life. He is also a fun-loving person. He never let the thin line between these two lives get blurred and enjoy both of them. He always loves bikes and supercars. He is also passionate about Rifle shooting. When he becomes free he is going for riding. He just loves unique sports too. He always loves to enjoy his life as well as work hard. 

That is why Mr Devin Yadav has now become an inspiration for many entrepreneurs.

Disclaimer: This is a featured article.

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