Neha Kakkar's post on Instagram.

Neha Kakkar unfollows ‘quite a few people’ on Instagram, citing ‘bad experiences’

  • Neha Kakkar has shared a note on Instagram about how she has unfollowed some people due to ‘bad experiences’ she has had.

PUBLISHED ON AUG 05, 2021 04:16 PM IST

Singer and Indian Idol judge Neha Kakkar has shared a note on Instagram. She told her followers that she has unfollowed ‘quite a few people’ on the app and cited ‘bad experiences’ as the reason behind it.

Taking to Instagram Stories, she wrote, “Sorry!! Finally decided to unfollow quite a few people from my Instagram. Coz of some really bad experiences in the past. Going to only follow those who I know or regularly meet or work with!!. Sorry if that made you feel bad! Have no grudges against anyone. But such is life! We have to have to be really careful.”

Neha Kakkar’s post on Instagram.

Neha recently crossed 60 million followers on Instagram, becoming the third most followed Indian on the app after Virat Kohli (140 million) and Priyanka Chopra (66 million).

Sharing a video from the celebrations, she wrote, “60 Million Pyar! Main Khush Nahin Behad Khush Hoon (I’m not just happy but extremely happy).. The amount of love you all give Your Nehu can’t be compared with anything! Aap ho toh Neha Kakkar Hai (Neha Kakkar is there because of you guys)! Thank You.. Each One of You and Specially My Most Special People, My #NeHearts Love You all!!!!”

“Thank You @rohanpreetsingh for always being there and making all my wishes come true since the time you came in my life!! Also.. I must thank and mention these two sweethearts too coz they actually put a lot of efforts to surprise me yesterday. God bless you both @roshni0819 & @shrxya_goxl I #NehaKakkar can proudly say that I’m The #MostFollowedIndianMusician #NehuDiaries,” she added.

Neha Kakkar got married to singer Rohanpreet Singh last year. Earlier this year, they celebrated their six-month anniversary. Her next song will be Saath Kya Nibhaoge. The music videos is directed by Farah Khan and stars Sonu Sood.


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