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Nine arrested for murder of rowdy

Nine persons, including a woman, have been arrested for allegedly murdering a 32-year-old history-sheeter who held a post in Youth Congress.

The name of the victim was given as Nagoor Meeran, 32, of Shastri Nagar, Adambakkam, and he had more than 15 criminal cases in Adambakkam, St Thomas Mount, Pallikaranai and K.K. Nagar police stations for offences, including two murders and three attempt to murder cases. He was cited as an accused in the murder of a customs officer in 2013. Meeran had been detained under Goondas Act.

He was murdered by a gang when he was at the house of a woman in Ambedkar Nagar in Adambakkam police station limits on Thursday evening.

On Friday, the police arrested six persons, including Seenu alias Seenivasan, 39, on their surrender. On Saturday, prime accused Robin, 27, Paulraj, 27 and Lokeshwari, 27 were arrested by the police.

The police said Meeran had a running feud with Robin, who was also a history-sheeter. Robin hatched a plan to finish the former.

Robin, with the help of other associates, allegedly barged into the house of Lokeshwari where Meeran was staying and executed their plan. Lokeshwari informed the assailants about Meeran’s presence, said the police.

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