Opposition protests over Pegasus, farm laws stall Rajya Sabha yet again | India News

Opposition protests over Pegasus, farm laws stall Rajya Sabha yet again | India News

NEW DELHI: It was yet again a day marked by protests and adjournments in Rajya Sabha on Tuesday with opposition members, mainly from the Congress, protesting the conversion of a calling attention motion into a short-duration discussion on the issue of new farm laws.
Congress member Jairam Ramesh strongly protested the conversion of his notice for a calling attention motion on problems related to agriculture into a short-duration discussion without taking a sense of the House. The discussion, however, was initiated but the chaos finally saw the House getting adjourned for the day at 4pm.
While the House ran for a while during the Question Hour in the pre-lunch session, it was finally adjourned till 2pm as opposition MPs continued to protest vociferously over the snooping issue. The proceedings were adjourned twice during the pre-lunch period.
The opposition was apparently provoked by Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu’s rejection of all adjournment notices under Rule 267 given by several MPs on the Pegasus issue. Naidu said the issue had already been taken up by the House. “As the matter has already been taken up and members were called to ask for supplementaries, clarification, it did not happen. So, I did not allow it,” Venkaiah Naidu said, leading to protest by some opposition MPs.
The chairman pointed out that Tuesday was the 16th sitting of the House during the Monsoon session, but it had functioned at the rate of only one hour per day. He said a discussion on farmers” issues was scheduled even as several opposition members entered the Well of the House and raised slogans demanding the taking up of the Pegasus matter.
As soon as the House resumed after lunch, Bhubaneshwar Kalita, who was in the Chair, steering the proceedings, called for initiating of a short-duration discussion on the problems of farmers. At this, Jairam Ramesh rose to object and alleged that the decision to convert his notice was taken unilaterally.
The Congress functionary said, “The ruling of the Chair on December 3, 2015 says a calling attention motion can be converted into a short-duration discussion after a complete sense of the House is taken. No sense of the House was taken. This is unilateral and not acceptable to me.”

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