Oyo to hire more than 300 tech professionals

Oyo to hire more than 300 tech professionals

BENGALURU: Hospitality firm Oyo said it will hire more than 300 technology professionals which will help it become a full-stack technology provider for small and mid-sized hotels and homes.
The roles will span across software development, engineering and product managers, designers, data scientists from entry-level to senior leadership roles.
Oyo also wants to set up full-stack developer teams with expertise in areas of machine learning, data engineering & information security, Android and iOS development.
The hiring spree comes at a time when demand for engineers with niche skills has hit a roof across the country, and salaries have soared.
“Over the past year and a half, we’ve been doubling down on our technology and pioneered several industryfirst innovations to enhance customer experiences and maximise revenues for SMEs of hotels and homes,” said Dinesh Ramamurthi, chief human resources officer.
Oyo has a tech stack of over 50 products and 500 microservices, including its consumer and partner apps such as Oyo, Oyo OS, Co-Oyo, as well as several applications led by AI/ML and analytics, such as the dynamic pricing app called tariff manager.

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