Pakistan PM urges world community to release Afghanistan's frozen assets

Pakistan PM urges world community to release Afghanistan’s frozen assets

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday urged the world community to release the frozen assets of Afghanistan and engage with the Taliban administration and provide humanitarian assistance to prevent an “economic collapse” of the country.
According to Dawn, Khan made this appeal to the international community during his meeting with the outgoing Japanese ambassador, Kuninori Matsuda at the Prime Minister’s house.
Imran Khan also stressed on Pakistan’s interest in a “peaceful” and “stable” Afghanistan, reported Dawn. He reportedly highlighted the importance of “national reconciliation” and an “inclusive” political structure.
Notably, the Taliban has not been recognised by any country so far.
However, thousands of Afghans have received humanitarian assistance within a week from September 27 to October 3 across Afghanistan, a United Nations agency said earlier this month.
Taliban had taken over Afghanistan after toppling the democratic government on August 15 this year. Pakistan has been accused of overtly and covertly supporting the Taliban.

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