PM’s app seeks feedback on MLAs in 5 poll-bound states | India News - Times of India

PM’s app seeks feedback on MLAs in 5 poll-bound states | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Leading the party’s poll preparations for assembly elections due early next year, PM Narendra Modi has sought feedback from the common man from each constituency of the five poll-bound states on various issues, including performance of the state governments and also the elected representatives.
The survey, launched on the NaMo App and open to people from UP, Uttarakhand, Goa, Manipur and Punjab, seeks voters’ opinion on a range of issues to rate the state government on various parameters like infrastructure, healthcare, Covid management and vaccination besides their take on the local MLA.
One question asks whether the respondent would want to re-elect its incumbent MLA. The survey will not only play a key role in selection of candidates but also in drafting party manifesto for the polls.
“The survey will give people in these states a chance to ensure that their feedback directly reaches the PM,” a senior BJP functionary said.
The app has provided for a “Share Your Opinion” option to the subscribers. The respondents have been given constituencies-wise option to share their feedback.
The first page has 14 issues like Covid management, law and order situation, farmer welfare, Article 370, construction of Ram Temple, triple talaq etc, on which feedback has been sought. Inclusion of issues like law and order, Article 370, triple talaq reflects the party’s focus on UP, the most crucial state going to polls.

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