Priyanka Gandhi News: Priyanka Gandhi stopped by UP police on her way to Agra | India News

Priyanka Gandhi News: Priyanka Gandhi stopped by UP police on her way to Agra | India News

NEW DELHI: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Wednesday, who was on her way to meet the family members of a man who died in police custody, was stopped by Uttar Pradesh police at the Lucknow-Agra expressway.
“They say I can’t go to Agra. They stop me wherever I go. Should I keep sitting in restaurants? Just because it is politically convenient for them? I want to meet them, what is the big deal?,” Priyanka Gandhi questioned.
“The moment I try to visit any place other than the party office, then they (Administration) try to stop me. It is also causing inconvenience to the public,” she added.
After her convoy was stopped, she was taken to Police Lines.

Later in the afternoon, the Lucknow police commissionerate allowed Gandhi to proceed, along with 5 others.
Lucknow police clarified that Priyanka Gandhi was not arrested, and taken to police line because of the crowd at the spot.
“She has neither been taken into custody nor arrested. Because of the massive crowds, the movement of traffic was being hampered and she was first asked to either go to the party office or her residence but when she did not agree, she was sent to the police lines,” Lucknow police commissioner D K Thakur said.
Priyanka was travelling to Agra to meet the family members of Arun Valmiki, who was accused of stealing Rs 25 lakh from the Jagdishpura police station and died later while in police custody.
Senior Superintendent of Police (Agra) Muniraj G said the accused, Arun, suddenly fell sick on Tuesday night while a raid was being carried out at his house to recover the stolen money.
Arun was accused of stealing the money on Saturday night from the ‘maalkhaana’ (a storage house where items confiscated by police are kept)” of the police station where he worked as a cleaner.
Priyanka Gandhi raised questions over his death and demanded action against the policemen.
“The incident of Arun Valmiki’s death in Agra police custody is condemnable. On the day of Valmiki Jayanti, the UP government has acted against his messages. A high-level investigation should be held and action taken against the policemen, and the victim’s family should get compensation,” she said on Twitter.

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