rahul gandhi: 'Drug addict': Congress slams BJP over remarks against Rahul Gandhi | India News

rahul gandhi: ‘Drug addict’: Congress slams BJP over remarks against Rahul Gandhi | India News

NEW DELHI: The Congress on Wednesday hit back at Karnataka BJP chief Nalin Kumar Kateel for his “drug addict” remarks against Rahul Gandhi and demanded an apology for his alleged statements.
“Instead of making such derogatory comments, they must tell if they are in a hangover of drugs which were found at the Adani port in Gujarat, worth 2 lakh crore. Kateel must have taken that drug, that’s the reason in a hangover of it, he is speaking like that.” Congress general secretary Randeep Singh Surjewala said.
“It is an uncultured statement made by the BJP leader in Karnataka which cannot be acceptable. Nalini Kumar Kateel being president of the party in Karnataka must apologize for his statement,” he added.
Karnataka BJP chief on Tuesday had attacked ex-Congress president Rahul Gandhi and allegedly called him a “drug addict”.
“Who is Rahul Gandhi? He is a drug peddler and an addict. I am not saying it. There has been a media report in this regard,” Kateel said in Hubballi. He was responding to Congress’ tweet calling the PM illiterate, which was later pulled down.
Karnataka Congress chief DK Shivakumar who expressed regret over his remarks against the Prime Minister and called for civility in political, also lashed out at Kateel and urged Congress to apologise.
“Yesterday I said I believe we should be civil and respectful in politics, even to our opponents. I hope the BJP agrees with me, and will apologise for their state president’s abusive and unparliamentary remarks against Shri Rahul Gandhi,” Shivakumar said in a tweet.

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