Raunak Singh Provides Free Education To Rural Girls In Odisha & Empowers Them For A Brighter Tomorrow


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The Indian women are leaving no stone unturned in breaking shackles of the male-dominated society and making their presence visible almost in every field whether it is in business, defense forces, IT & IT-enabled services, entertainment, sports, etc.

Raunak Singh

This pleasant change in the condition of women is mostly because of the education that they are able to get nowadays plus mindset of the society has also changed a little over the years. However, the condition of women in rural areas is still a matter of great concern and needs to be improved.

The biggest problem faced by the girls of rural areas is that they are not able to get proper education due to some reasons, such as poverty, lack of educational facilities, old societal norms, etc. Though the central and state governments have taken various steps to uplift the condition of rural women, a lot more needs to be done in this regard. Well, the good thing is that humanitarians like Raunak Singh are also playing a good role to solve the problem by lending support to women of rural areas.

Raunak Singh is from Cuttack, Odisha, and he is the founder of an NGO known as Sikh Aid which is active almost in every part of the country. Raunak has been empowering the young girls of rural Odisha by imparting basic education to them so that they can do something big in their lives and have a bright future.
Well, it was not easy for Raunak Singh to convince the parents of young girls to send them to study but ultimately he succeeded and the fact that he was providing education free of cost also helped in bringing more girls to the classes as majority of the households in rural Odisha are poverty-stricken. This initiative will certainly give great results as educating the young girls is the first step in making them self-reliant and it will eventually make India a stronger nation.

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Raunak Singh and his NGO Sikh Aid are also helping rural women in menstruation hygiene management (MHM) by making them understand the importance of MHM and by spreading awareness regarding the diseases that a woman can suffer from if she doesn’t take care of her hygiene. Every month, Raunak Singh and his team distribute around 6,000-7,000 sanitary pads free of cost and till now, they have distributed more than 1 lakh sanitary pads among rural women.

Raunak Singh also helped the people of his state after their lives got devastated due to the natural calamities such as Cyclone Title (2018), Cyclone Fani (2019), Odisha flood (2020) and Cyclone Yaas (2021). On an average, he and his team fed 10,000 people with food in langar daily and later on, he also offered aid in rebuilding their houses.

Raunak Singh walks on the path shown by his Sikh Gurus and he strongly believes that serving mankind selflessly is the best way to worship the God. Though Raunak Singh is a known name, we should still let more people know about him so that people can get inspired by him and do something good for the downtrodden and poor people of the society.

Story first published: Wednesday, October 20, 2021, 19:28 [IST]

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