Woman forced to abort 8 times, given 1,500 steroids to conceive son

Shocking! Woman forced to abort 8 times, given over 1,500 steroids to conceive son

A 40-year-old woman, hailing from Mumbai’s Dadar area, was forced by her husband to abort her fetus eight times so that the couple could have a son, she said filing a complaint with police. 

According to media reports, the victim’s father got her married in 2017 to a highly educated family as her husband and mother-in-law are lawyers and her sister-in-law is a doctor. 

The Mumbai woman in her complaint said that her husband started physically abuse her, saying he wanted a son to protect his family and property, a report in News18.com said. 

The victim said she was forced to abort her child eight times abroad. 

She said that she gave birth to a girl in 2009, and in 2011, she became pregnant again, that is when her husband took her to a doctor and forced her to have an abortion, the 40-year-old said. Her husband, at the clinic for her abortion, said she did not want a baby, the woman said, News18 reported. 

After this incident, atrocities on the victim started to escalate, and her husband also started treatment for having a child, the report said.  According to the News18 report, the accused took the woman to Bangkok for a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. The 40-year-old was undergoing treatment there and surgery by examining the sex of the embryo before conception. To conceive a son, the woman was given over 1,500 hormonal and steroid injections. The given test and treatments are banned in India. 

The victim said that the treatment was carried out without her consent and she was forced by her spouse to abort her child eight times, the report said. 

The police are investigating the matter.

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