Singer Posh James feels that talent doesn’t need any connections to shine

Singer Posh James feels that talent doesn’t need any connections to shine

For singer Posh James, academics might have been her chosen career, as father belonged to that field, but ultimately, she came to realise that music was her true calling. Currently, she has her hands full with live performances at various government events and functions.

Talking about the beginning of her musical journey, she tells us, “I come from a musical background. Since I was in class five, I went to my grandfather, was Pandit Manohar ChimoteI, to learn the base of Hindustani vocal. My mom is also a very good classical singer, that’s how I got trained in my house.”

Though James spent most of her school and college years, participating in competitions, she opted to pursue music as a career only in the last five years.

“I was a faculty from Trinity College of London in English. We own schools in Mira Bhayandar in Mumbai; my father is the principal and founder. I used to be in the administration department, but eventually things changed,” she shares, recalling the time when she once performed at Indore basketball stadium with the likes of Salman Khan, Abhijeet Bhattacharya.

“I was a lucky person and after that, there was no looking back. For 20-25 days in a month, I’m busy performing at live shows,” says the 31-year-old.

James is currently prepping for the release of her album, Sachiyan Mohabbatan, and will also perform at Hunar Haat, Rampur, Uttar Pradesh. Revealing that she plans to gradually get into playback singing in Bollywood, she says that she has already recorded songs with singers such as Sonu Nigam. However, she can’t divulge details about these projects until they release.

Talking about the music industry and if outsiders here get an equal chance as those with , James feels in today’s time, “talent doesn’t need any connections to shine.”

She elaborates, “Ultimately, it’s destiny, which will make or break you. You might belong to a very good, influential family, but sometimes, it’s up to God. Talent counts. There are so many people who’ve done wonders; there are so many platforms available today. Self preparation is very important, one needs to be thoroughly educated and devoted.”

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