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Singhu border killing: 2 more people arrested; victim’s family demand high level probe

In the Singhu border killing case, two more members from the Nihang community have been arrested by the Haryana police on Saturday, taking the total number of arrested people to four. 

Earlier on Saturday, a second member of the Nihang community was arrested in connection with the lynching of a Dalit man at Delhi-Haryana’s Singhu border. This comes after Sarabjit Singh was arrested on Friday night for the killing of Lakhbir Singh, who was mutilated and murdered near the Singhu border earlier on Friday. 

The victim’s family, while demanding a high-level probe in the case, had questioned the attacker’s claim, who said he had committed sacrilege. 

Nihang member Sarabjit Singh will stay in police custody for seven days. Before his arrest, he told the media, “Lakhbir Singh had been punished for sacrilege”.

After Sarabjit’s arrest, Narain Singh was arrested from Amritsar’s Aramkot village, near Jandiala Guru. He claimed that he had informed the police that he was surrendering. 

According to police, Sarabjit has claimed that a few more people are involved in the killing of Lakhbir Singh, who is survived by his wife and three kids. The murder case of Lakhir has sparked outrage with calls for action to clear the protest sites at different border points of Delhi, where farmers have been staying put for nearly one year, demonstrating against the Centre’s three farm laws.

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