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Steve Jobs wanted to launch an affordable ‘iPhone nano’

The Epic Games versus Apple trial is revealing more details about Apple’s past than ever. Recently, it was revealed that Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller suggested reducing the App Store commission that Apple charges developers from 30% to 20%. This information was revealed from a 10-year-old email that Epic Games presented in court.

Now, in another interesting email revealed by The Verge, Apple was planning to launch an “iPhone nano”. Steve Jobs was actually interested in launching a smaller and cheaper version of the iPhone 4 back in 2010.

The email doesn’t reveal much about the nano iPhone but as per The Verge, “There’s a bullet for an “iPhone nano plan,” a sub-bullet for its “cost goal,” and another sub-bullet indicating that “Jony,” presumably Apple’s former design chief Jony Ive, would “show model (and/or renderings).”

The report added that that was a pointer which said: “create a low cost iPhone model based on iPod touch to replace 3GS. Now, this device could be an iPhone or another device.

For iPhones, Apple has used the “mini” branding while “nano” reminds us about the iPod. Jobs reportedly also talked in his emails about a “Super nano” device which is expected “to be an upgraded version of the iPod nano, that was on track for a release in the first half of 2008.”

Meanwhile, in another email, Schiller asked whether Apple can continue with the “70/30 split” forever. The split refers to the 30% fees that Apple charges developers for paid apps, purchases made inside the app along with subscriptions. While Schiller made it clear that he is a “staunch supporter” of the fees, he was not confident that the 30% cut can remain “unchanged forever”.

Epic Games has dragged Apple to court claiming that Apple’s rules are anticompetitive and unfair which has caused a loss of revenue. Apple has kicked out Fortnite from the App Store after Epic Games added its own payment system bypassing Apple. A separate payment mechanism meant that Epic Games need not pay commission to Apple at all, something that is totally against the policies of the iPhone maker.


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