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Stranded in a remote area due to a landslide, flood or other natural calamity? Here are tech tips to stay safe

Life is unpredictable, especially if you are an adventure lover and find yourself doing adventure activities like hill climbing, skiing, hiking. There might be unforeseen incidents like a landslide, heavy rainfall which could make life difficult. Having the right emergency plan with the right set of equipment can help you and your family overcome the situation.

Knowing what to do if things go south at any point in time is your best bet. So, here we are with a small set of ideas that can help you survive and contact emergency helplines during these situations.

Keep your smartphone ready for emergency situation
If you are on an adventure tour or live in a place that is prone to landslides or other natural disasters the first thing you should be doing is setting up your smartphone’s emergency

Enable emergency broadcast notifications
Smartphones come with an emergency broadcast feature that can give users disaster warnings, threat notifications and AMBER alerts. To enable this head to Settings -> Apps and notifications -> Advanced -> Wireless emergency alerts and choose how often you want to receive alerts and which settings you want to turn on.

Add emergency information on your lock screen
You can also add emergency information on your lock screen on Android and set up a Medical ID on iPhones. This will help first responders help you better and also contact your family.

On Android: Settings -> About -> Emergency information -> Enter all the info -> Then tap on medical info -> Edit information and add all the medical-related information like any disease, blood group, etc.

Here you can also add emergency contact details.

On iPhone: Head to Health app and tap on Medical ID, then enter all the necessary details including emergency contact.

Enable emergency location sharing
To help first responders, it is important that you enable the automatic location sharing feature. The feature automatically shares your current location with first responders as soon as you dial the emergency number.

Head to Locations -> Security and location -> Location -> Advanced -> Emergency Location Services -> Enable it.

Now that your phone is prepared, it is time that you prepare yourself for a situation like this.

Save local authorities contact details
It is also a good idea to keep local helpline numbers along with some officials contact details saved and remembered if possible

Prepare an alternate route for escape
Consult with local officials and authorities beforehand and prepare a plan or an alternate route. Once you are ready with the alternative, open
Google Maps and download that particular portion of the map for offline usages. So that you will always have that map with you even if there’s no connectivity available.

Prepare an emergency kit
The emergency kit is very important. This includes all the essentials you’d need during an emergency situation. The idea is to proceed smartly here. Merely keeping big and heavy equipment won’t cut the deal for you as it will become heavy and impossible to carry. So, here are a few important pieces of equipment you can keep.

Take care of your documents
In a situation like this, keeping extra copies of your documents is a good idea, however, downloading them digitally is a lot easier and safe. You can use the
Digilocker app to keep your documents safe and secure and it can be accessed from anywhere across the world.

Keep your cash and smartphone safe with a waterproof carry pouch
Buy some good quality waterproof carry pouch and pack essentials like extra cash, smartphone, power bank, etc in it to keep them safe.

First aid kits, medicines and oxygen are a few important things to keep
It is always a good idea to keep some common medicines, first aid kits at your disposal. Also, get some small oxygen cylinders with you in case you need it.

Also, buy a good smartwatch or fitness band with some medical features like heart rate monitoring, SpO2 monitoring, etc

Handy tools
Apart from all these basics, you should keep things like a knife, a small axe, a multi-purpose knife, a high-intensity torchlight, etc These things can help you pave your way out of a complicated situation.


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Very valuable article. The emergency bag should have you must need medicines, weight what you can comfortably trek with.

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