taliban: Taliban face hurdles while implementing law, order in Afghanistan

taliban: Taliban face hurdles while implementing law, order in Afghanistan

KABUL: The Taliban have taken over Afghanistan but the affiliates of Islamic State-Khorasan, Syria and Iraq-based terrorist groups have emerged as a big problem to the public safety of the Taliban controlled country.
The Taliban has failed to contain the terrorists, who have incited a number of attacks in the country since the collapse of the Ghani government in Afghanistan, The Washington Post reported.
These attacks also included two bombings of Shiite mosques that recently took place within a week in Kandahar and Kunduz that killed scores of worshipers.
The situation has raised questions upon the Taliban’s capability to take down ISIS-K cells in Kabul and other urban areas, The Washington Post reported.
Not just the terrorists from other groups but internal members of the Taliban are also undisciplined and have been committing brutal crimes after the group’s takeover.
As a recent example of this, the members of the Taliban have executed suspected kidnappers and hung their bodies in public view. Videos of Taliban fighters whipping alleged criminals have also emerged on social media, The Washington Post reported.
The Taliban are also showing signs of their previous regime in which they used to undertake brutal methods in implementing ‘order’ in the country.
Meanwhile, the Taliban after the siege of Afghanistan is trying to deliver a moderate image to the world in an attempt to gain international confidence but experts say that the scenes at the Kabul airport were proof that the terrorist group has returned with the same radical and violence mindset.
Violence was an integral trait of the Taliban even in their previous term. The so-called transfer of power exercised in Kabul without any bloodshed, was nothing but a part of ‘good image plan’, Inside Over reported.
As the Taliban took control of Afghanistan once again after 20 years, experts also believe that Afghan women are most likely to face an uncertain future under the terrorist group regime.

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