Tata Motors News: How Tata Motors targets different set of buyers with Tigor EV, Nexon EV | - Times of India

Tata Motors News: How Tata Motors targets different set of buyers with Tigor EV, Nexon EV | – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Expanding its electric vehicle portfolio, Tata Motors is aiming to target a different set of customers, a top company official said.
Tata Motors on Wednesday unveiled the all-new Tigor EV for personal mobility. The price and range will be disclosed at the launch of August 31. Bookings have commenced.
Tata Motors’ Nexon EV has been a runaway success in the personal EV space, raking up the highest sales numbers so far. Nexon EV, powered by a 30.2 kWh battery pack has a claimed range of 312 kilometres for a single charge. Tigor EV, powered by Ziptron as well, gets a smaller 26 kWh battery pack.

Tigor EV, however, is expected to offer a similar range and will come at a slightly lower price point.
“Tigor EV will be at a different price point than Nexon EV. Tigor EV gives us the benefit of a slightly lighter car. So we will be able to offer similar kind of range and performance with a smaller battery pack, which translates into a lower cost,” said Vivek Srivatsa, Head-Marketing, Passenger and Electric Vehicles Business Unit, Tata Motors.
Srivatsa added, “Tigor EV will open up new market opportunities for us.” The Nexon EV is currently priced at Rs 13.99 lakh-16.85 lakh (ex-showroom).
Tigor EV will also be the first EV in the sedan body shape in the passenger car segment. Tata Motors is confident that SUVs dominating sales over sedans will impact the fortunes of Tigor EV. “We don’t believe Tigor EV is going to hold back because it is a sedan. The benefits of an electric car outweigh any kind of apprehension about sedan body type,” Srivatsa added.
“If you look at Nexon EV, it overemphasizes on the SUV drive and features. It tackles bad road comfortably,” Srivatsa said, adding Tigor EV will focus on drive and passenger comfort, and the suspensions are retuned for a smoother ride.

Tata Motors will continue to sell EVs and internal combustion cars through the same dealership network. Srivatsa said, “Every internal combustion engine customer should also look at EVs. The dealerships have to be the same and the employees will be trained to serve the need of an ICE and EV customer simultaneously. EVs will be a part of the overall passenger vehicle industry in the country.”
Commenting on Centre and several state governments offering subsidies, Srivatsa said, “Subsidies are welcome. They just don’t reduce the price but also tell customers about government’s focus on e-mobility.” He also lauded the government’s move in bolstering public charging infra.

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