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tcs: TCS to digitise accounts of Ram mandir trust | India News

AYODHYA: After the Ram temple trust faced allegations of corruption over land deals, the management of trust funds that have crossed Rs 3,000 crore has been entrusted to Tata Consultancy Services, which is developing a digital accounting software for the same. Trust general secretary Champat Rai has confirmed the takeover.
Sources told TOI that RSS, which had summoned three key trust members to Mumbai four months ago for a closed door meeting over land deals, initiated handover of the accounts to a professional firm. TCS has set up its accounts office at Ramghat near Ram janmabhoomi and is scheduled to complete developing the software by December, and then begin digitisation and management of trust accounts. Temple construction committee chairman Nripendra Mishra said, “ TCS will digitise and manage our accounts from December”

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