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This ‘low budget’ version of Squid Game created by Nigerian kids impresses fans online

Korean dystopian drama Squid Game has been creating waves around the globe, making it Netflix’s biggest original show debut. As the show’s popularity continues to soar, a remake of some of the show’s iconic scenes by a group kids from Nigeria is winning hearts online.

After a series of memes and challenges, a hilarious parody of the hit show has got everyone talking online now. Recreating shot-by-shot perfectly, the internet’s favourite parody creators, The Ikorodu Bois’s stunning ‘low budget’ representation has left fans impressed online.

Donning similar green track suits worn by the show’s participants, the talented boys not only recreated various props but also nailed the expressions of each character.

However, what really stole the show was the eerie portrayal of the giant doll, played by a girl saying “red light green light”. “If Squid game was shot in Ikorodu,” the creators wrote sharing the video.

The K-drama starring veteran actor Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-Soo, Lee Byung-hun among others has a hard-hitting plotline that captures raw emotions to show how desperate people can be for money. The premise is of a contest starting with 456 players but the number keeps going down as players are terminated — for the huge cash prize which is at stake, things take a dark and sinister turn.

From using a huge cauldron pot to imitate the huge ball containing the cash prize to simply pasting bags of chips to recreate the tiger VIP mask, their innovative solution has amused people across social media platforms. With their keen attention to details, netizens lauded them for their resourcefulness to bring joy to all online.

However, this isn’t the first time the Nigerian group of artists have got everyone talking online. Last year, the group impressed The Russo Brothers impressed by their Extraction spoof had even promised to invite the young filmmakers to the next film’s premiere. The children had even impressed Spanish star Alvaro Morte for their epic recreation of Money Heist trailer.

The group usually comprises of brothers Muiz Sanni, 16, Malik Sanni, 11, and their 14-year-old cousin Fawas Aina, who are no strangers to recreating scenes from famous music videos and Hollywood films. Muiz and Malik’s elder brother, 23-year-old Babatunde Sanni, is however, the face behind the perfect edits and camera angle.

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