Third wave fear triggers surge in vaccine demand

Tiger MDT23 under treatment, but critical

The tiger (MDT23) that was captured at Mudumalai Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu and shifted to the Chamundi Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre on the outskirts of Mysuru on Friday is critical.

According to the authorities, the male tiger has suffered multiple injuries following infighting and has also been infested with maggots. The wounds have been cleansed and antibiotics have been administered. Veterinarians say a lot will depend on how the animal responds to the treatment. The tiger, though seemingly alright, is critical, said the authorities.

But an official said there have been instances of animals with more severe injuries pulling through, and some others of animals with seemingly minor injuries succumbing. Hence, nothing can be said at this juncture.

An activist who interacted with officials said the tiger, apart from having multiple wounds, was dehydrated and its haemoglobin levels too had dropped when the treatment commenced.

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