Village mourns Babuji the bull, holds shraddh feast for 3k | India News

Village mourns Babuji the bull, holds shraddh feast for 3k | India News

MUZAFFARNAGAR: As priests chanted prayers for the departed soul, an occasional muffled sob could be heard from the gathering. Nearly 3,000 residents of Kurdi village in UP’s Saharanpur had assembled on Saturday to attend Babuji‘s terahvi.
Unlike what the name suggests, Babuji wasn’t a village senior – though he was accorded the same respect that is reserved for the elderly. The term was used by Kurdi residents for a 20-year-old bull that spent his life among them before passing away on August 15, sending the entire hamlet into mourning.
In the days that followed, religious ceremonies,including cremation, rasam pagdi and terahvi (death feast), were conducted for the bull.
“Babuji died of natural causes. He was like a family member to us,” said Manish Tyagi, a resident.
The village had pooled in money to cover costs of the rituals, including the grand feast for 3,000 attendees on Saturday. Some youngsters had photoshopped a picture of Babuji to crop out locals standing alongside. The photo, bedecked with flowers and currency notes, took centre stage at the havan. Priest Naresh Pandit said the puja was meant to bring peace and a sense of closure for locals.
“He never hurt anybody. Children loved to play with him,” said Bhola Tyagi, another resident. Locals said the bull was considered a “gift from the divine”. “Some people found him roaming in a holy site in the village when he was very young. Many called him Nandi (Shiva’s bull),” said a resident.

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