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NEW DELHI: Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar, who recently met his arch rival and RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav over the issue of caste-based census, has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for an appointment to discuss the issue.
“My letter to the PM has been dispatched. Once he gives an appointment we will take the matter forward”, the chief minister said on Thursday.
Tejashwi and other opposition leaders, during their meeting with the chief minister, had suggested that Nitish Kumar lead an all-party delegation to the Prime Minister over the issue.
The Bihar chief minister has made a strong pitch for caste-based census even as the Centre informed Parliament that census will be held only for the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.
He feels that a caste-based census will help better formulation and implementation of schemes aimed at targeted welfare of different social groups.
Nitish has even hinted that he may go ahead with the caste-based census in the state if the Centre did not agree for the exercise at the national level.
Bihar assembly had unanimously passed a resolution on February 18, 2019 and again on February 27, 2020, seeking caste-wise enumeration of population.
The last time a caste-based headcount was taken up in the country was in 1931.
Nitish Kumar’s bonhomie with the opposition over the issue will be closely watched by his alliance partner the BJP, which is the senior partner in his government.
Already, the Bihar chief minister has created a flutter of sorts by becoming the first party of the ruling alliance to demand probe into the Pegasus snooping row.
The BJP, which has called the controversy a “non-issue” will certainly not be happy with Nitish Kumar’s stand advocating an investigation.
“Nobody should have a problem with this. If some people feel their privacy has been violated, what better thing than to have the apex court looking into the matter”, Nitish Kumar said.
Bihar BJP leaders have refused to comment on Nitish Kumar’s remarks on the raging snooping controversy.
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