wankhede: NCB official’s charge of spying untrue: Mumbai cops | India News

wankhede: NCB official’s charge of spying untrue: Mumbai cops | India News

MUMBAI: A probe conducted by Mumbai police has revealed there is no truth in the complaint lodged by NCB zonal director Sameer Wankhede that he was being spied upon by sleuths from the Oshiwara police station.
Wankhede, who is probing the cruise liner drugs seizure case, had on October 11 called on director general of police Sanjay Pandey, saying his movements were being monitored by Oshiwara police during his daily visits to a cemetery where his mother has been buried.
In his complaint, Wankhede submitted it had come to his knowledge that two constables from Oshiwara police station, along with unknown persons, had visited the cemetery in the afternoon of October 7 and collected CCTV footage of his visit.
Further, Wankhede brought to the notice of the DGP that he had been informed by his sources that a daughter of a senior state cabinet member, NCP’s Nawab Malik, had been trying to gather information about his movements. Subsequently, on October 11, the trustee of the cemetery had informed him that the police officials were asking for DVR (digital video recording) of the cemetery.
Wankhede informed the DGP that he had been visiting the cemetery every day before attending office and whenever time permitted, for the past six years. Initially, the trustee conveyed his inability to share the DVR, but as those who were asking were police officials and for the sake of the trust, CCTV footage was provided to them, he said. Wankhede also urged the DGP that the location of the minister’s daughter should be found out from the cell tower.

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