Will back NDA government if it conducts separate census for OBCs: Mayawati | India News

Will back NDA government if it conducts separate census for OBCs: Mayawati | India News

LUCKNOW: As part of its strategy to reach out to the other backward classes (OBCs) ahead of the 2022 UP assembly elections, BSP chief Mayawati has once again raised the issue of a separate census for the backward castes. On Friday she said that if the NDA government at the Centre decides to take up the matter, her party would support it fully within and outside Parliament.
“BSP has been asking for a separate census for OBCs and continues to reiterate it. If the central government takes any positive steps for this, then BSP will definitely support it,” she tweeted.
A senior party leader said that the matter had come to the forefront due to the ongoing Parliament session, with the 2021 census yet to take place. Various formal and informal discussions had been taking place on the issue even in Parliament, the BSP member said, even though the Centre was silent on its plan of action.
“OBCs are an integral part of BSP’s social engineering programme,” the member said, adding that the party was already working on this issue on the ground level and was likely to amplify its efforts in the coming weeks.
“BSP has been on the forefront in giving representation to OBCs since its formation by Kanshi Ram. It is another matter now that the party has to work towards bringing them back into its fold as many have left us over the past few years. What is visible in our ongoing campaign for UP is the Prabuddha Sammelan aimed at Brahmins but we are also working on ground through our ‘bhaichara committees’ to draw OBCs back into the party,” the member said.
Sources in the party said that ‘bhaichara committees’ have been working in each block and sector to draw together members of all communities but a special focus this time are the OBCs and MBCs like Kahar, Kashyap, Bind, Nishad, Pal etc.

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