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Youth arrested for assaulting women walking on roads

The Anna Nagar police has arrested an 18-year-old youth, who was a repeat offender, targeting and assaulting women walking alone on roads.

According to the police, police identified the accused as Dinesh Kumar, of Jagannatha Nagar, Villivakkam.

He was studying hotel management in Delhi and was undergoing training at a hotel in Egmore for the last six months.

He would ride his motorcycle to the hotel early in the morning daily, and while on the way, he would randomly target women walking alone by the roadside. He would repeat this while returning home. On October 10, he assaulted a young woman near a park in Anna Nagar. An army officer saw the incident and lodged a complaint.

The police traced and arrested him under the provisions of the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Harassment of Women Act.

He was remanded in judicial custody.

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